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Rated Top of the industry since 2009

Rated Top of the industry since 2009

What We Do

Commercial energy consultant?

We work on keeping the costs of electric bills down for businesses. We take care of everything (negotiate and compare prices, examine contract language, etc.) with the energy supplier so you don't have to.

  • Work exclusively with the client to assess their individual needs

  • Design a customized contract instead of using the supplier's standard contract

  • Negotiate bilateral terms to help shield the client from potential risks

Energy Consulting
Contract Negotiation

Energy Consulting

  • Continue to work with utility companies or REPS to solve any issues

  • Continued availability to  answer any questions

Ongoing Customer Service
Ongoing Customer Service
  • Review historic bills

  • Review active offers

  • Examine eligibility for tax exemptions

Bill Auditing
Tax Review
Bill Auditing + Tax Review
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Markets We Serve

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Dairy Queen Owner/Operator

"River Oaks Energy has played a vital role in providing electricity saving strategies for our Dairy Queen stores. As an owner of several Dairy Queen restaurants, I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking to save money, contain costs on their electricity, and fully understand the language of their electricity contracts."
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