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17 years in business.

25+ years in the industry.

Our President, Duane Lock, founded River Oaks Energy in 2003. River Oaks Energy operates as an elite energy broker/consulting firm in Texas, Ohio, Massachusetts and other deregulated states.

Our goal then and now has always been to bring insight and knowledge to our customers about deregulated markets beyond what's normally known. Customers either do not have the time or knowledge to uncover overlooked or hidden fees associated with securing electricity contracts; that's where we come in.

River Oaks Energy negotiates multi-year energy contracts for multiple businesses. The likes of those include: DFW Airport, American Airlines, Volunteers of America, First Cash/Cash America, hundreds of Dairy Queen's across the state of Texas and many more.


Since 2003, we have saved businesses over $550 million dollars with lower rates on their electricity contracts. And after 15 years in business, we are proud of our 95% customer renewal rate.

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