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River Oaks Energy is the largest energy broker for nonprofit organizations in Texas. We reduce monthly energy expenses with our Energy Consulting services. We have worked with Volunteers of America since 2007, Girl Scouts, and Boys and Girls Club across Texas.  Since deregulation River Oaks Energy has been helping commercial and residential customers including   churches, schools, and other nonprofits to save time and money on energy. We aim to provide budget certainty for our clients by offering aggregations and fixed-rate contracts that allow our customers budget certainty for their electricity expenses. We manage day-to-day issues, such as billing and problem resolution, as well as contract renewals.

Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen is an American Chain of soft serve ice cream and fast food restaurants. There are 587 stores in Texas, River Oaks Energy proudly serves nearly 250 of those stores.

DS Waters

Primo Water, Inc. (DS Services of America, Sparkletts) is one of the largest bottled water companies in the U.S. River Oaks has proudly served since 2008.

Volunteer of America

Volunteers of America National (VOA) is one of the largest nonprofit organizations in the United States at 2.9 billion in assets. They offer affordable housing and many other assistance services. They currently operate in 46 states, and River Oaks provides services in deregulated ERCOT, PJM, NE ISOs.

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